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A collective crew of talented Sydney wedding photographers and Sydney wedding videographers

We create some of the most stunning and unique cinematic wedding videos & photos.

There are no re-takes when it comes to capturing the most important moments of your wedding day. That’s why you need a crew you trust to capture all the precious moments every time, without fail.

Trust us to tell your story in the most unique, fun, and stunning way that will leave you in tears every time you re-live your day through your wedding videos & photos.

Not only for the fact that The Camera Crew has over 38 years of combined experience. But also, for the fact that we sincerely take the time to understand what makes you who you are and what is unique to you. We take the utmost pride in our profession. We immortalize your wedding through our work, so you and your future generations can re-live every precious moment on your wedding day.

Be sure to check out “Why This Crew“, our work on “Sydney Wedding Photography“, “Wedding Photography Package Prices“, “Wedding Videography Package Prices” and our “Wedding FAQ” section to help you determine what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer and/or wedding videographer to help you decide the right company for you. If you like what you’re seeing, let’s catch up over coffee and put an end to your search for a wedding videographer & photographer. Visit the Contact Us page

Searching for a Sydney wedding photographer & wedding videographer but wondering what happens if COVID strikes again?

Let’s address the big elephant on the site…

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic has re-shaped normality as we know it. Social distancing and self-isolation are part of everyday life these days.

When leaving the house, not only do you check if you’ve taken your keys, phone, and wallet, but you also check to make sure you’ve taken your pocket-sized hand-sanitizer and the latest fashion accessory face mask.


Though life is weird, strange, and “unprecedented” right now, life must go on, and this includes marriages. Due to a high volume of 2020 weddings postponing over to 2021 and 2022, our dates are filling up fast with most of 2021, and half of 2022 is fully booked. Therefore, we strongly advise that you start planning your wedding and booking your suppliers more ahead than ever.


You’d be relieved to read that our deposit policy is designed to help you make your decision with less worry and risk in case COVID strikes again, and you have to postpone your wedding.

In the rare case that you must postpone, there will be no postponement fee, so you can make changes to your date without it affecting a dollar of your deposit.


This is also one of the main reasons why our dates are filling up so fast. Our brides have very little reservation knowing that in the worst-case scenario. We’re here for them all the way.

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Here’s what makes us stand out from other Sydney wedding photography & Sydney wedding videography companies

As wedding photographers and wedding videographers, we’re continually thinking of the next amazing shot we’re trying to take, or the next innovative breakthrough we can come up with, it’s easy to forget that we are so blessed to work in the wedding industry. That we’re helping our couples literally make their dream day come true.

So, our philosophy is “Fall in love with your clients, not your product” and to serve you, not only with our exceptional and timeless photos and videos. But with our service and commitment to you.

Apart from your bridal party, your wedding photographers and videographers are the people you will spend your whole day with, from before you put on that stunning wedding dress or that exquisitely cut groom’s suit, till the moment you get in your getaway car. Therefore, it’s vital that your camera crew are funny, easy-going and can make everyone around them relaxed and happy while also making sure you’re running on schedule. Read what our brides and grooms say about us

We always go above and beyond to make sure that your wedding day goes smooth, relaxed, and fun. We help you stay on schedule and block out any external stress on the day. So much so that we even carry first aid and sewing kits, because you never know when anyone will need a simple needle and thread. We’ve pinned countless buttonholes, tied many a tie and we’re there to help you feel relaxed and have a blast on your wedding day, we’re often told by our brides and grooms that it feels like we’re old friends with cameras!

We’re not just offering to “take your photos and videos”. We’re offering the whole experience, and telling your story in the most glamourous and genuine way possible.

We have put together a mini guide to help you get started on your journey of choosing the right Sydney Wedding photographer & Sydney wedding videographer.

Great value Sydney wedding photography and wedding videography package prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

We understand just how difficult and expensive it can be these days to have a decent wedding let alone a dream wedding. So let’s talk a little about wedding photography and wedding videography packages and prices

As mentioned earlier while talking about the COVID debacle. The economy has seen better days, and many of us are facing financial hardship.

That is why we at The Camera Crew have reduced our prices to some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Yes, there will always be someone “cheaper” out there, but we’re counting on you, smart Millennial brides and grooms, to do your savvy research to compare “apples with apples” just like you are with everything regarding your wedding suppliers from wedding venue, to flowers, cars, wedding dress, bridal hair, and bridal makeup, etc.

We strongly encourage you to do a lot of research when it comes to your wedding photography and wedding videography.

The thing to keep in mind, which is also what we always educate all our prospective brides and grooms about, is that everything you have booked and spent lots of money on for your wedding day will be there on just that, the “wedding day”, and before you know it, it’ll be over. What will you have to remember the happiest day of your life apart from memories? You guessed it, the wedding videos and photos. Not only for you but for your kids, grandkids, and many generations to come.

So to be frank, if you’re trying to cut down the costs of your wedding, your photography and videography should be the last on the list.

We’ll leave you with a comment that we keep hearing from all our brides and grooms time and time again, “You guys are unbelievable value for money”.


Frequently Asked Questions

As you’ve probably already noticed by doing some research, most wedding photography or videography businesses claim to be the “Best Sydney wedding photographer”, or “Sydney’s leading wedding photography”, or “best Sydney wedding videographer”. The list goes on…

Let’s think about that for a second, what is the “Best” in this category of service? Is it the number of weddings the business does a year? Or how much the business charges for their services? Or how they capture their imagery or videos?


What we do as Sydney wedding photographers or wedding videographers is to showcase in our ways, the way we see the world’s beauty through our lenses, how we portray an individual’s beauty and immortalize every emotion through our photographs and videos. Each and every individual has a unique set of skills and defines the world around us differently.

Wedding photography and videography is an art, and art is subjective. Therefore, there cannot be a “best” when it comes to art, nor can the number of weddings a person shoot in a given time be an indicator as to how professional they are in the wedding videography & photography field.

You also have to bear in mind that the wedding industry is not regulated, and that is attractive to everyone who has a digital camera, and statistically speaking, that’s 28.55% of the population in Australia. So it’s very easy for anyone to slap on a label as “best wedding photographer” or “professional wedding videographer”.


Let’s discuss some of the ways that will help you choose the best Sydney wedding photographer and videographer For You!


1. Word of mouth

This is, by far the most valuable way. If you have family or friends that have recently married, ask who they used.

There’s no better way to start researching for your wedding photographer & videographer than to get a review from someone that has first-hand gone through a company recently and see what their feedback is.

But as mentioned before, that art is subjective. Just because that company was the perfect choice for your friend doesn’t mean that it will be for you. So do some investigating and check out their most recent work. Ask to see an entire wedding collection or wedding album. Simply put, it’s very easy to put the best work from different weddings on a website or social media.

Make sure you meet or at least have a phone conversation with a person who will be shooting your wedding, so you can get a feel for the type of person they are and if you “click” together.


2. Does their work speak to you?

Every photographer or videographer has a different and unique skill set and style. When checking out their work, pay special attention to the following:

• Are the photos candid, or posed, or a good mixture of both? Which one of the three do you like?
• Are they too “photoshopped”, too bright, too dark? Do they look professional to you?
• Do the photos capture the emotion and personalities of the people? Do they look fake, or did the photographer/videographer capture their real personalities?
• Is their work consistent? View several albums and several videos from their showroom and social media so you can determine if their work is consistent. Some businesses out there care more about the volume of weddings they do rather than the consistency of their work. So due to the amount of work they take on, sometimes they may be understaffed and are forced to take on inexperienced staff to shoot or edit your wedding photos & video.


3. Does their work “Tell A Story”?

This is, by far one of the most important points. Anyone can snap a photo or press a record button and, with some skill, make a half-decent final product with the help of lots of editing.
But the real artist shows in their ability in how well they document and tell the story of the couple in their happiest day. Does the work make you feel emotional and excited about your amazing day?

If you end up in tears watching someone else’s wedding, then this is definitely an indicator that they have done a great job in documenting and putting the final product together.


4. Wedding experience

Experience is vital as a wedding photographer and wedding videographer. Weddings are one of the most challenging fields to be in, it is is one of the most unpredictable, unforgiving, time-sensitive field anyone can undertake. You never truly know what the next part of the day has in store for you or what unforeseen situations may arise, from both a technical or human perspective. Therefore it is vital that the wedding photographer and videographer are very experienced and specialized in this field. So the likelihood of them running into something altogether-new is very unlikely, and they can maintain consistent and professional quality work.

Another vital skill set that only comes with experience is organizational skills. Your wedding photographers and videographers are responsible for your schedule and have to try their best to keep it on track. Many times have we heard stories of Sydney wedding videographers or photographers delaying the bride half an hour or more to the ceremony because they forgot to keep track of the schedule or to take charge and guide the people throughout the day to stay on track. Your Sydney wedding photographers and videographers are like your wedding planners, but for the daytime, they must be authoritative to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the day.


As we’ve mentioned before, we take the utmost pride in what we do and do our best to give you the whole experience to make sure your day is relaxed and on schedule.

Therefore, we will work with you to help you schedule everything on your wedding day which includes: Time for the bride and groom to be ready, when and where your ceremony and location shoot will be so we arrive at your wedding reception on time

To plan a successful schedule, we’ll also be considering how long it will take to travel between all destinations in the glorious Sydney traffic which include groom<->bride->ceremony->location shoot->wedding reception

Travel between groom<->bride is eliminated if you decide to go ahead with 2 photographers and 2 videographers packages which give you separate teams shooting both groom’s and bride’s places simultaneously until we all meet at the ceremony or location shoot.

This is one of the many ways we add value to what we offer, and which helps define us as a professional Sydney wedding photographer & videographer company

We understand how difficult and expensive it can be these days to have a decent wedding let alone a dream wedding. So let’s talk a little about our wedding photography and wedding videography packages and prices

We always aim to have your wedding images ready for your viewing in the quickest time possible.

We here at The Camera Crew, know just how exciting it is to see your wedding photos and wedding video soon after the wedding so you can relive that amazing day with your family and friends.

Therefore; within a week of your wedding, we deliver your highlight gallery, which consists of roughly 30 fully edited images to share amongst your wedding suppliers and people you love. Your entire wedding day collection which contains simple colour correction is also shared with you on as a password-protected client portal on our website so you can begin choosing your favourite images to include in your wedding album.

Once you have chosen your photos for the wedding album, it’ll take roughly 6 weeks for the album to be ready for collection.

As for your wedding video, shortly before the wedding, we will provide you with a list of recommended wedding songs/tracks to help you get started in choosing what you’d like to include in your video. Once you have selected your songs/tracks, we begin putting together our masterpiece, and you can expect it to be ready also as soon as 6 weeks.

So, both your wedding album and wedding video are both ready at the same time, which is convenient, and you can collect both products at the same time along with all your wedding photo enlargements.

This is a question we get asked daily, and to answer that, we’ll have to shed some light on our past experiences.

First of all, when you’re booking both your photography and videography with us, you’ll receive a further discount. Not only because we’re trying to encourage you to book both with us, but because we believe you’ll be better off for it. Let’s explain why.

No matter what anyone tells you, 80% of weddings run behind schedule. Many different variables play a role on your wedding day. If only one runs a little behind, then the whole day is affected, whether it’s your bridal hair, bridal makeup, putting on your wedding dress, any wardrobe malfunctions, or any unforeseen situations.

Our job as your professional Sydney wedding photographers and videographers is always to remedy the delays and keep you on track and on schedule.
For this, both photographers and videographers need to work as a team. This is where the most significant advantage comes into play when you book both video and photography from the same company.
Both the photographers and videographers are very familiar with each other and have been working together for a long time. In our case, this ranges from a minimum of 3 years to the longest professional shooter being with us for 7 years. We can pretty much read each other’s minds. We’ll know what content one another needs and wants, and as a team, work together to save time to recover from the delay and get the schedule back on track while not compromising on the shots we’d love to get.

Sometimes, clients book us for single packages, be it only photography or videography for different reasons. Whether it may be a friend or relative who is a photographer or maybe someone else’s package or price is more appealing.
We have worked with many photographers or cinematographers from everywhere in Sydney and New South Wales. While the vast majority have been a dream to work with. Unfortunately, some leave a lot to be desired.
As professionals, both videographers and photographers should always split and share the time on the wedding day 50/50, because they’re both there to do a job and would like to shine by getting the best shots.

However, unfortunately on rare occasions, we have had difficulties where the 2nd party believes that the “videographer should work around the photographer” or vise versa, and this does not allow us enough opportunity to get all the shots we’d love to take for your wedding.

Therefore, it’s always recommended to try and choose a company that does both photography and videography, not only for the obvious reasons mentioned above but also because the discount is generally more significant.


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